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Railway Switch Point Heating Systems

Conflux Switch Point heating systems are the most energy efficient and reliable on the market today for ensuring that switch points are free from snow and ice in all weather conditions.

In relation to conventional heating solutions, Conflux Switch Point heating systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

Why choose a railway switch point heating system from Conflux:

  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Improved snow and ice melting capabilities
  • Easy installation, low maintenance and high reliability
  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure and installations

In addition, Conflux can also offer complementary steering and monitoring solutions.

To order Conflux switch point heating system, just contact us by e-mail or phone and we will help you define the heating configurations needed for your various switch points. We work with both small and large customers and can adjust our offer to your specific needs.

Conflux flat heater geometry is perfect for heating rail in the most efficient way.

Conflux flat heating elements can easily be fitted to any switch point configuration. Customized heater elements are also available for the most challenging geometries.

The Conflux self-regulated switch point heaters will ensure that the switch point is kept free from snow and ice in all conditions.

Robust metalic snap-on spring system for stock-rail and swith blade.